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Ocho Awards - 4/30/2022

Third Watch LEMC hosted the second annual Ocho Awards in honor of Dan "Ocho" Dorton who was a huge supporter of #WalkTheBridge.

Some quotes from the Ocho Awards:

From Megan Cruz Miller:

"This year’s 2nd Annual Ocho Awards was so much more than about winning for these clubs and individuals who were recognized! It was about laughter, love, connecting, toasting to one another and honoring Ocho for the man he was while on this earth! Congratulations Eric Cire for being recognized this past weekend for all your hard work you do within the community and for speaking out about mental health/ suicide and smashing the stigma of PTSD! It was an honor to celebrate with you and am grateful to have met you and Meg Meg and all of the members of Fourth Watch! I do have to say though that Pathfinders winning his award the other night was beyond a moment none of us could have ever made up nor soon forget. For those who weren’t there, Pathfinder was being presented the “Brotherhood Award” and his military background was being read by his wife. Gabriel Joseph who was in the audience ran to the stage for a reunion as that very moment he realized Pathfinder and him served that exact very dangerous mission together years past (two different branches). No sweeter of a reunion could have ever been captured on film. See video. And for this moment I believe was Godly designed as my belief is this will be another moment in Pathfinder’s life reminding him as to why he was to survive suicide so he would have another chance to meet up another brother again who also does a lot in the community to bring awareness to suicide! Lastly, thank you to the 99% Radio Network for hosting such an event and to those who won and are making a difference! No matter how small or big the contribution is that you’re making in this world… just remember you are changing and or even saving lives so damit pat yourself on the back because you certainly deserve it!"

"This past weekend, a few members of Guardian Soldiers LEMC traveled to Texas, to attend the 2022 99% Radio Networks Ocho Awards.

A few weeks ago, the club learned that it was nominated for the Legacy Awards. Our club was nominated for the years of support to help the Springfield Ride to Remember bicycle ride honoring fallen officers.

As it was an honor to be nominated with clubs from all over the world. We were honored to be named the 2022 Legacy Award recipients.

All the clubs who were nominated, have done great things for their communities!

Micheal Euvrard and myself would like to thank, Megan for being our tour guide in Texas.

It was great to experience the Texas hospitality from all our new family we met this weekend, members of Fourth Watch MC, Meg Meg And her husband Eric, Jose Pancho Gomez and his wife, James Otis Lewis, Mike Walko, Gunners LEMC Auburn Alabama. Blue Brothers Missouri, Southern Dawgs MC, Third Watch MC, Kaiotic Angels LEMC UK

There were so so many good people we were lucky enough to to meet, I know I am forgetting some, and I truly apologize"

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