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#WalkTheBridge 05/21/2023

Rockwall/Rowlett Texas

"Great turnout today on Heroes Memorial Bridge in Rowlett / Rockwall! People just like these and those in Ft. Worth, Waco, Billings, Chicago, Kentucky, Utah, and The UK who are committed to the Mission of Raising Awareness about the Mental Health Wellness of our Veterans and First Responders. Cool side note learned that in July the Family of Sgt. Guy Helms, Rowlett Police Department will "Walk The Bridge" in Zambia, Africa, joining Springfield, Missouri, Dothan, Alabama, London, UK, Budapest, Hungry, Venice, Italy, and Poland where #WTB has taken place in Honor of their Father the same day! Spreading the Mission around the world!" From Brian "12" Wilburn

Ft. Worth Texas

"Great Turn out for #WalkTheBridge today in all locations to help raise awareness and help smash the Mental Health Stigma that plagues our First Responder and Veteran communities: Rockwall, Fort Worth, Waco and across the pond in Manchester and England Uk.. and on the 22nd of this month Montana will host their walk. Then coming soon will be Kansas and Utah. Due to multiple engagements this month Chicago was unable to walk.

I would like to Thank all the members of the Invictus MC and Homie & Friends for thier continuous support each and every month in Fort Worth. We had many new faces who joined our mission in both Rockwall and Fort Worth. Together we are making a Difference and the Healing continues. Visit for more information." From John "Sideshow" Salerno

Village of Lyons, Chicagoland

"V.E.T. SERVICE DOG held Walk the Bridge today."

Stevenage, UK

"What a amazing day for Kaotic Angels LEMC, Unhinged Chapter and Kaotic Angels LEMC UK Nomads we started off with Walk the Bridge to raise awareness for PTSD and suicide awareness. This is to show anyone suffering is not alone. There are people who want to and will help. After this we headed off and had a community BBQ with many laughs and a great time meeting new people."

Manchester, UK

"This is so inspirational, #WalkTheBridge is in Manchester UK. Thank you to Keith Anderson and all those who walked today to help raise Awareness to the Battle our First Responders and our Veterans suffer from on a daily basis."

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