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#WalkTheBridge: 20th Anniversary Sept. 11, 2001

From Brian Wilburn

"The VROC - Veteran's Resource and Outreach Center, The 99% Radio Network, and Third Watch LE MC would like to say "Thank You' to Texas State Gubernatorial Canadate Ltc. Allen West and Texas State Senator Mr. Bob Hall for their support on Saturday for the 09/11 Memorial Reading of the Names. Both Gentlemen have been huge supporters of #WalkTheBridge, Heroes Memorial Bridge, and Heroes Bridge Memorial Park and we are very appreciative of that support!"

"This man right here (see far right), He's my Hero. He NEVER ...stops, Looking to help others, whether emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually or just to "be there"(wish we had millions of dollars, but we give what we can).. again, he NEVER stops(sometimes, at our family's expense)... But, I Thank God, EVERY DAY, that he has shown me what true unconditional Love is..(side note our life is NOT perfect).But, I wouldn't change a thing! .. He is the best husband (My Rock and Bestest Friend), father,(though, they might not think so ) Popo, friend, son in law, Brother....that Anyone, would be Blessed to have.(sometimes, we walk cautious ) And, My Best Friend! Thank you, Sweetheart, for all you are, and all you do! I Hate it, and I Love it! But I'll ALWAYS be by your side! Forever and A Day! You Make Me, Make Life A Difference! YOU MATTER TO ME!!! Love you on the beach in a cardboard box, Forever and a Day!"

"WE PROMISED NEVER TO FORGET and WE KEPT OUR PROMISE. Yesterday, Saturday September 11th, 2021 at the Heroes Memorial Bridge in Rockwall we assembled to read the names of those 412 First Responders who so bravely gave their lives so others could live."

See more images here.

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