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#WalkTheBridge February 22, 2022

#WalkTheBridge and The VROC were pleased yesterday to host at The VROC Reporter Brittney Johnson from NBC-5 DFW. Ms. Johnson is taking a hard look at the Mental Health Wellness of our Veterans & First Responders and the extreme stresses they face for just doing their job! Ms. Johnson did an in depth interview with Susie Helms, Widow of Fallen Rowlett Police Sgt. Guy Helms and Gabriel Joseph, U.S. Army 82nd AB Combat Veteran and Navajo Warrior who has lost two family members because of their Duty and has struggled himself with Mental Health Wellness issues related to his service. Ms. Johnson also met Sharonda Calderon, Widow of Fallen Dallas County Deputy Sheriff, Omar Calderon at WTB and made plans to interview her on her experiences upon the passing of her husband. Finally, Ms. Johnson and her photographer documented last nights WTB and in the process helped us raise awareness and shine a light on those who consistently support the Mental Health Wellness of our Veterans and First Responders!

Congratulations to ABadgeofHonor! From Samantha Horwitz, "Blessed beyond...Thank you Senator Bob Hall & John Vick for recognizing the hard work we do at A Badge of Honor for first responders. Suicide continues to be the leading cause of death in our first responder community. We won't stop until the Stigma is smashed! Visit for more information."

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