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#WalkTheBridge - June 22, 2022

Inaugural Fort Worth - Cowtown #Walkthebridge

I Walked the bridge with 15 outstanding friends across the beautiful 7th Street Bridge. After a moment of silence President Fred Ponomarenko #THIRDWATCHLEMCFtW placed a flag at the Police/Fire Memorial.

My second…first with #Sideshow #Twelve love you guys! #Sunshine

“Never wait until tomorrow for who you can help today.”

The 1st #Walkthebridge in Fort Worth, was a success!...... 15 of us walked the 7th St Bridge as President Fred Ponomarenko placed the 1st flag at the Police/Fire Memorial.

On behalf of Third Watch LEMC Fort Worth and The 99 Percent Radio Network.

Thank you to all who came out and braved the hot weather and made the "Effort and not the Excuse"..

Big Shout Outs to the Inaugural group.

Third Watch LEMC Ft Worth Brothers & Sisters RC Doomstrickers MC Planet Harvest Health Independents: Bruce McElhaney , Saul Perez Demi Stewart , Billie Ball, James Lucas Anthony Oliver , Rebeca Sn , John F Walsh , Angie Eason , Adam Evans, Cash "Sidekick" Evans Doug Colcord, Elizabeth Ingram Tara Young Salerno

Thank you to EECU Bank for opening up thier parking lot to us.

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