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#WalkTheBridge 4/16/2022

Rockwall/Rowlett, Texas

From Bridge Captain Brian Wilburn: "#WalkTheBridge - Paying our respects to yet another fallen First Responder at yesterday's #WTB on Heroes Memorial Bridge.

We will never forget why we walk to raise awareness about the Mental Health Wellness of our Veterans and First Responders and those it impacts!

For those who might not know, that's the Chris Carker and Guy Helms families framed in the picture with the Blue Line and US Flags! They lost their spouses to Mental Health Wellness about a year apart and both Families have been great supporters of the Mission to raise awareness since! #WTB appreciates their support!"

Fort Worth, Texas

From Bridge Captain John Salerno: "Thank you to all that came out to #walkthebridge in Fort Worth to help support our First Responders and Veterans who battle with Post Traumatic Stress..God Bless you All."

Waco, Texas

The #Walkthebridge movement has now begun in Waco, Texas.

Thank you to Josh Gillespie and the Marine Corp Detachment Unit for helping raise awareness to help prevent the growing number of Veteran and First Responder Suicide

The Walk allows those who may be battling with Post Traumatic Stress "They are not Alone"

There is always someone there to help you through the crisis.

Waco now joins the walks of Rockwall. Fort Worth, Chicago, Montana, The UK Smashing the Stigma and saving our Heroes.

South Mims, UK

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