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#WalkTheBridge - Rowlett Veterans Recognition Program – Michael Gallops, U.S. Air Force

"The City of Rowlett instituted this program in 2017 in order to show appreciation to those members in our community who have dedicated their time in service to our nation. Assisting with the selection and recognition of honorees is the Veterans Resource and Outreach Center (VROC). The Rowlett Veterans Recognition Program also helps bring awareness to veterans’ issues in our community – what is being done and what is still needed. Mayor Margolis is honored to continue formally recognizing Veterans of all ages and branches of service at City Council meetings.

The 25th veteran to be recognized is Michael Gallops, U.S. Air Force."

Watch the presentation here.

List of previously recognized veterans:

1. Donald Pierson, Sr.

2. William Turner

3. Renee Stevens

. John Chilson

5. Ed Clinebell

6. Chris Kilgore

7. Rick Kizziar

8. Robert Blatnik

9. John Barker

10. Jeffery Gray

11. James W. Randolph, Jr.

12. William P. Rice, Sr.

13. Timothy Hardman

14. Jimmie Graves

15. James Adams

16. Dan Kliess

17. Billy Furgerson

18. Tyler Remediz

19. Glen Garrison

20. Daniel Dorton

21. Larry Traylor

22. Michael J. Kuklenski, Jr.

23. Donald Van Handel

24. Gabriel Joseph Kanawite, Jr.

25. Michael Gallops

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